Hello to all.

Welcome to SpursInTheBlood; a website devoted to a club I follow and love endlessly – Tottenham Hotspur.

My name is Nozrul Ahmed, an 18-year-old with an undying passion for the beautiful game. I established this website in 2013 as a 13 year old in order to give myself a platform to voice my opinions on regarding all things Spurs. Since then, I have witnessed SpursInTheBlood grow and expand more than I would have ever imagined it would.

My Twitter account has grown immensely over the last four years and has accumulated over an incredible amount of 40,000 Twitter followers.

I only started my Twitter account during the summer of 2013 with the initial idea of keeping myself occupied and entertained over the course of the annual six week summer holidays, but little was I aware of what this would have stemmed into over the coming years.

SpursInTheBlood has opened many doors for me and presented me with the opportunity to collaborate and to work with some of the finest football writers and journalists across the country.

Whilst my Twitter account is independently run and entirely dedicated to my personal opinions on Tottenham Hotspur, this website is for a whole different purpose.

My writing team and I aim to consistently deliver frequent quotes from the manager and players. Furthermore, we also aim to publish opinions from myself and other Spurs supporters on recent events to do with the club – by the fans, for the fans.

None of the pictures posted on this website belong to SpursInTheBlood – all images belong to their rightful and respective photographers. If you have any concerns regarding copyrights, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

For promotional purposes, sponsorships or further enquiries, contact:


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