With fullbacks Kyle Walker and Danny Rose being the latest two players to sign contract extensions, the past month has seen seven players commit their futures to Tottenham. In the same week as Walker and Rose signed new contracts, Harry Winks, Tom Carroll and Dele Alli also signed, with Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen committing at the beginning of the month.

The new contracts not only show that the players are excited about where the club is heading and want to be a part of it but it also shows commitment from chairman Daniel Levy. In the past Spurs have never had a massive payroll and this has been a problem when trying to get players to commit their future to the club. Yet the timing between contracts suggest that there hasn’t been this problem and so Daniel Levy must be offering a considerably good pay rise, while it still wont rival the bigger clubs. Yet the fact that the players are still signing just shows that they aren’t as money driven and want to focus on the game and the success of the club.

To add to this Pochettino recently revealed in an interview that the club have brought in a new system when it comes to offering player’s new contracts. The policy requires players to ask for an extension rather than the club having to convince them. In order for this policy to stand Daniel Levy would have had to agree to it. The fact that he has shows the trust the chairman has in not only the manager but, the players. It is obvious that the policy was suggested by Pochettino and the fact that Levy has agreed to it shows the faith he has in the manager. As it requires the players to come forward and request the new contracts, Levy is giving them a lot of control in deciding theirs and the clubs future.

The Argentine also commented that in order to build a strong base and work up from there you must have players who want to stay and be part of a bigger picture. This proves even more relevant for Pochettino as in order for his philosophy to succeed he must have the players who are willing to work hard for him and buy into his gruesome training sessions and tough pressing style. The fact that so many players have asked for a contract is a positive reflection on the manager and shows the trust that runs throughout the club. The players believe that they have a future here with him.

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