Danny Rose has revealed in an interview with the clubs official website that he sees Mauricio Pochettino as a fatherly figure.

“It is no secret when the manager came in that I was uncertain about my position here,” Spurs’ left back admitted. “Rightly so, because the season before I did not do as well as I could have done.”

“The manager came in and spoke with me, I was one of the first people he spoke to,” the English international revealed.

“One of the first things he said was if I entered into his philosophy, he would make me into an England player. So he has been true to his word. A lot of hard work has gone in, a lot of patience from the manager as well.”

“Not everything has been great, he has had to put up with a lot of mistakes I have made but he has always stuck by me.”

“He has been like a father figure to myself and a lot of the players here. Mauricio is a joy to work with and I am thankful Spurs have got him here, got him to sign a new contract. I hope he will see out those five years and even more.”

The revival of Danny Rose’s career at Spurs is one that not many people would have banked on. Pochettino’s confidence in Rose was evident in the early days of his reign as Spurs manager as he surprisingly handed the left back a five-year-contract. Since then, Danny Rose has gone on to regularly start for both club and country and ultimately, repay the faith that Pochettino showed in him.

Image result for danny rose vs liverpool 2016



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