Dele Alli has vowed to be more in control of his temper which we saw him lose on numerous occasions last season. Most notably, his clash with Claudio Yacob towards the back end of last season saw him pick up a three match ban and arguably played a big role in Spurs’ capitulation in May which saw them drop from second to third.

“The manager spoke to me and from what happened last year I had to miss the last three games, so I realised I can’t do those sorts of things,” said the 20-year-old at the England press conference on Friday.

“So I have been working on it and I know I need to keep it under control. It was a crazy year for me, it happening quickly and I’ve got a lot of people to thank for it. There were definitely a lot of things that I’ve learnt from last season.”

“I’m young, I’m 20 now and I’ve hopefully got a long career ahead of me. I just want to keep improving and getting better, then hopefully this season can be better than last season.”

Spurs fans and certainly Mauricio Pochettino will be hopeful that Dele Alli uses last season as a learning curve and sticks to his words and doesn’t let oppositional players get under his skin as quickly as they did during the course of last season.

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