Well..this is a topic that has recently been fondly discussed by many Spurs fans. It’s either we go for the top four, or we finish the season with a European trophy. Now let’s be realistic, it will be very unlikely that cometh May, we will end the season with BOTH of them.

From my point of view, and I did mention this in my previous blog, I believe that we should go for the Europa League trophy. Even though this means that we will miss out on the top four yet again, at least we will have something to be jubilant about at the end of the season and then go on to rave about it all summer and beyond. It’ll also be nice to see the boys in Lilywhite lift a European trophy once again. But hey, you might not agree with me, but that’s okay because everyone has a different view and that’s what makes a debate good and enjoyable.

Below I have created a little poll from which people will cast their vote whether they want to see Spurs finish in the top four or finish the season with a new Europa League cup in the trophy cabinet

Writer: Nozrul Ahmed
You can follow me on Twitter: @SpursInTheBlood



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