Not too many Spurs fans may like the Europa League, or that fact that we find ourselves in it again, but I’m sure almost every Spurs supporter would love to see the boys in Lilywhite lift a European trophy once again and write their names into the football history book. Many other great teams, and players have lifted the Europa League trophy in the past, and despite the fact that it is not as glamorous and as glorified as the UEFA Champions League, it still is a huge honour to win the Europa League ahead of the likes of Juventus, Ajax and FC Benfica, three giants in the European game.

I believe that if Tim Sherwood takes Europa League seriously, as André Villas Boas did last season, we will have a real chance in winning the competition in May. The obvious trick in European ties are that we are in action again on Sunday in the Premier League and usually most of our players are fatigued and tired after playing in midweek. Last year we were knocked out in the Quarter-Finals by FC Basel in a penalty shootout in Switzerland. It was heartbreaking for all Spurs fans as we came a long way, only to be shown the exit door of the Europa League very harshly. Another thing to note is that we didn’t have any squad depth – however after making seven new purchases in the summer, we are not short on players any longer! We have a great squad full of players that can be played in different positions if needed to.

This is why I believe that if Tim Sherwood realises how big of a competition this is, and the amount of players he has available to pick from, we have a massive chance in finding that we will be travelling to Turin for a Europa League final cometh May. Last year we didn’t have too many players to choose from, we had to pick the same players over and over again. Well this year, we have a number of players to come in whenever they are needed. The other possible contenders for the Europa League trophy are Juventus, Napoli, Fiorentina, and possibly even Ajax and Lyon, who both have great teams! I just hope and pray that Tim Sherwood realises that we have a squad that are very capable of winning this years Europa League. Remember the famous words of Danny Blanchflower – ‘The Game Is About Glory.’ – and this is a massive chance for glory.

What do you think of the Europa League? Do you believe we are in it to win it? Or shall we focus on finishing ahead of Liverpool, Everton and Manchester United in the top four? Leave your thoughts below in the comment sections, or just tweet me on Twitter!



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