When Spurs announced that Tim Sherwood had taken over as the permanent replacement to Andre Villas Boas, I, like many other Spurs fans were apprehensive to say the least. An inexperienced manager who had admitted to being an Arsenal fan and did not even have the full license to manage in the league.

Not to mention the fact there was lots of rumours Sherwood had been leaking false information to the press about AVB in attempt to steal his job. But despite this Sherwood has done more than steady the ship, he has taken Spurs forward and put them right back in contention to the top four.

Now of course it is still very early in his time as Spurs manager and Spurs are still far from complete as can be seen from the games against West Brom and West Ham, but the early signs are very good.
Perhaps the most obvious change since Sherwood arrived is the increase in attacking play and more importantly, goals. This is down to him bringing Emmanuel Adebayor back into the fold and introducing the much maligned 4-4-2 formation.

Since he has been reintroduced into the starting eleven, Adebayor has been little short of incredible. Not only has he scored important goals against Southampton and Manchester United his movement and creativity has meant his strike partner Roberto Soldado has seen a huge increase in the amount of service he received.

Another player flourishing under Sherwood is the Danish midfielder Cristian Eriksen who has also been in great form since returning to the first team under Sherwood. Deployed initially in central midfield and then on the left against Stoke and Manchester United Eriksen has added consistency to his game and built on the flashes of quality seen in his first couple of games.

The best example of Sherwood’s 4-4-2 formation can be seen at Manchester City. At both clubs you have your standard back four and then in the centre of Midfield two incredibly strong midfielders who will break up play and create and is an area in which Spurs have several players who can fill this role.

On the left you have your most creative player which for Spurs is Cristian Eriksen,’but at Man City it is David Silva or Samir Nasri. This allows the player to come inside from the left and play through balls, and also be able to deliver crosses out wide. On the right you have the orthodox pacey right winger which at City is Jesus Navas, whilst at Spurs you have Aaron Lennon.

This allows the team to have an outlet and the vocal point for a counter attack. Up top you have your standard big man and little man, but both players can drop deep and help out the midfield if necessary. As mentioned earlier it is still very early into Sherwoods tenure of Spurs manager but the signs have been very good for Spurs fans and if he goes and gets a win against Arsenal on Saturday, then I’m sure he will gain the full support of every Spurs fan.

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