Whilst he is better known by other for his antics on YouTube, Spurs fans are the only people who really appreciate what a sensational player Sandro is. It’s almost impossible to describe how much Sandro contributes to Spurs, on and off the pitch. On the pitch he is a world class defensive midfielder, launching himself into every tackle and keeping the play ticking. Off it he is mental. Simple as that. He is absolutely mental, but we love him for it and characters like him are crucial to the dressing room.

Not only is he passionate and fully committed to the club, but he also has the ability to maintain his position in the team and take Spurs forward. A tough tackler who can also pick a pass. If it wasn’t for his lack of goals, Sandro would be the definition of the perfect midfielder.

When he doesn’t play, Spurs lack not only his presence in the middle of the park, but also his fight and passion which drives the team forward. For me, with Dawson struggling for form, he should be dropped and Sandro is the man to take the armband and be our captain.

Perhaps the saddest thing about our Brazilian beast is how underrated he is.
For me his the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League by some distance and Spurs simply are not the same without him as seen by us struggling when he got injured last year.

I even argue that had it not been for his injury, Sandro would have been a more worthy candidate for our player of the season than Bale. He was that good. It seems he is also underrated by Brazil who prefers to pick Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva ahead of him which is simply ludicrous. Hopefully the beast realises how loved he is by the fans and see out his career here cementing his status as a Spurs legend.

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