Ever since spending over £100m on new players last summer, André Villas Boas has been under an enormous amount of pressure. The seven new players that have been purchased haven’t all lived up to the standards that were first expected by the Spurs supporters. In consequence, AVB is in the bottom of a lot of pressure that has been piled on top of him in the past couple of weeks. Villas Boas’ tactics haven’t worked out for Spurs on several occasions, and we have dropped a number of points at home to the likes of West Ham and Newcastle United. Some doubts have been raised among the Tottenham faithful; should he stay or should he go?

Let’s take a look at some of the stats first. This season in the Premier League, in the space of 14 games, we have been victorious seven times, drew three times, and lost on four occasions. We have picked up 24 points in the process. However, at this stage last season, we collected 23 points in the space of the same amount of games we have played so far this season. Slight improvement, but it is an improvement, right? Every point counts at the end of the season.

Last season, we finished 5th place in the Premier League on 72 points, our best ever points tally ever in the Premier League history. Who guided us there? André Villas Boas. Once everything clicks into form, however long it takes, I think that we would be a side that any team in the Premier League will fear to play. We need the support, faith, and the belief from the fans. That’s all we need.

In the summer, we brought the likes of Paulinho, Lamela, and Eriksen. These three players will transform into absolute monsters for us once they find their feet’s in the Premiership. If we look at the past, and see the likes of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, they didn’t light up the Premier League in their first season. They took time, patience, and support from both the manager, and the fans. After they grew into the physicality of the Premier League, they tore apart teams and were a nightmare to come up against.

This is why I personally believe that we should all be patient and have a bit of faith within our gaffer. If we all jump on him like a bunch of animals, and start criticising his team and his tactics, of course he’ll crumble under the pressure and lose his mind. Even though it is very difficult, we need to be patient, and support the team every game, weather we win, draw or lose. If we start boo’ing the team every time we concede, they’ll start thinking that the fans have no faith in them, and will automatically lose faith, and will have no power or strength within themselves to turn the game around.

Stay strong and always back the team no matter what.

Tottenham till I die.

AVB touchline.jpg


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