First of all, welcome to my first ever blog. Here, I will be voicing my opinions and thoughts towards everything related to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. I hope you all read, share, and more importantly enjoy this, with hopefully, many more to follow.

After securing the services of the young Argentine late on in the transfer window, some Spurs fans have already started to doubt the £30m man. Erik Lamela has failed to break into André Villas Boas’ starting eleven, having not managed to start a single Premier League game yet, some eyebrows have been raised and uncertainty has arose among the Tottenham supporters. Was he worth all the money we payed for him? Is he worth £30m? Is he good enough to replace our former Welsh superstar, Gareth Bale?

From my point of view, Lamela will eventually settle down. He obviously has a lot of weight on his shoulders after we purchased him for an unbelievable amount of price. Also, he doesn’t speak English, and therefore it would be difficult for him to communicate with his team-mates. Since when was moving to a new club, having them pay £30m for your services, and not knowing the local language, considered an easy job?

However, Lamela showed great signs of him gaining confidence, and finally settling in to the club, when he unleashed a peach of a strike, against our Moldovan, Europa League opponents, FC Sheriff. Not only that, but he was also everywhere on the pitch that night. He was attacking, winning the ball back, defending, and with no doubt in mind, absolutely working his socks off. He really earned his salary that night for sure. Not once did I see any signs him looking goal shy, or confused, as we have seen in his previous games.

In addition, not starting him on Sunday vs Newcastle United, would have disappointed a lot of Spurs fans, and Erik Lamela himself for sure, especially after his tremendous display in midweek against FC Sheriff. After our discouraging 0-1 loss against Newcastle on the same day, André Villas Boas is in luck as we have no games for two weeks, due to the International Break, and that also allows him some time to get his head straight, and sort out his tactics, and figure out his best starting eleven, which he is yet to do.

I really think that Erik Lamela will eventually become a first team player for us. Now, most of you might think I’m being a bit biased here because I’m a huge fan of our new Argentine. However, I genuinely believe that Lamela will break into AVB’s starting eleven, simply due to the fact that he is a very young player with a hell of a lot potential. I’ve seen him player during his playing days for his former club, AS Roma, on numerous of occasions. He is a young boy with a lot of skill, and talent. Once he has fully settled in, he will TEAR teams apart in England’s top division. No doubt. He’s the next big thing in the Barclays Premier League.

Here are some stats for you: Last season Erik Lamela scored a total of 15 goals in the space of 30 appearances. Now, here you might first think, “That’s not an impressive record.” I’d like to remind you that last season, he was a year younger than he is now, he was 20 years old. That’s quite an impressive record if you ask me, especially for a very young player, in, arguably, a very difficult league. Besides, at only 21 years of age, Lamela still has a lot of room for experience, and the players at our club will definitely teach him new techniques, and new skills to add to his knowledge. He will come good, and when he does, he will light up the Premier League. Adding to the incredible amount of world known talented players that the Premier League have already produced.

Erik Lamela: “My moment will come, and I will make the difference.”



8 thoughts on “Always Take Lamela With You

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I am a huge fan of the argentine. I think that once AVB decides to start him, he will make a difference. For starters, Soldado isn’t getting the service he needs. I feel putting Lamela on the pitch, it will encourage the likes of Sandro to play the ball out wide, so the ball can be played into Soldado. That way spurs will score more goals. Your also correct in saying he’s young and can’t speak English, I hear he is having lessons after training and his English is improving. Can’t wait for him to settle in! 🙂

  2. I think Lamela will break into the starting 11 sooner then later, but i’m wondering in ur opinion, which position would u put him in and what formation would u likely use?

  3. Is this blog all about Lamela? But I seriously think Avb needs to use Lamela on the right against city and Townsend on the left. He needs to throw caution to the wind and let the team play free flowing football

    1. I think Townsend and Lamela in the wings is a perfect idea. Lennon on the left seemed sometimes like he was a little uncomfortable. I think at this point with what we have Lennon would make the perfect sub for either one

  4. Totally agree, having seen him first hand in the cauldron that is the Rome derby i can honestly say that my heart skipped a beat when we signed him…. As an older fan i was lucky enough to see Chris waddle at the lane and honestly lamela will have the same influence in this team as waddle did in previous times…… As you say, he’s only young and his time will soon come. Great article. COYS

  5. I completely agree! When we purchased Lamela and Eriksen over the Summer I believed we finally found the missing pieces. Eriksens has played beautiful all year and Lamela seems to finally have gotten accustomed to the team. Both should be in the starting XI. On that note I believe Townsend should get taken out. I know all Spurs fans love him, but he takes too many shots and he’s just not connecting. Seems as though hes playing for himself at the moment.

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